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Sports betting and casino games legalized in Peru

  • Peru government declared casino games and sports betting as officially permitted
  • also they want to start introducing a certain system of violations
  • Ministry can change access to domains or computer applications

The South American state’s government at the legislative level declared casino games and sports betting as officially permitted, and allowed them to conduct their activities in this country without fear of being caught and convicted. However, they will deduct a certain tax, which is 12 percent.

The news report says that the recently ratified laws will begin their active activity only from the moment when the administration of the head of state Castillo introduces certain registration rules. It is reported that this political project can be considered an early statement by Diana Gonzalez, who is a member of the State Congress and has some influence on the current situation in this matter.

Gonzalo Perez is the leader of a company that analyzes Internet activity and its impact on a person and his behavior. According to one source, he appreciated this approach before making a statement that a tax of 12% would give its participants an excellent opportunity not only to continue, but also to increase their investments in this industry. He also said that the steps taken in this direction will create an atmosphere of reliability and order in which every minor will be protected.

Perez continued his statement: “In a social market economy, there can only be legally regulated gambling that creates its own financial space. And this space must be taxed. This approach will allow you to get a good profit from this activity. And according to Peres, it should definitely be invested in different areas — medicine, sports, education and culture.”

The parliament of the South American country, when the new legal system was already established, was able to reveal that about twenty percent of the tax bill goes to the economic budget of the state. Then the Ministry of Medical Research should use all means and means to promote these funds to finance programs to combat the widespread psychological and nervous disorders that occur due to constant fear and even stress of losing money on the Internet, as well as to combat the negative impact of fraud on young users of the World Wide Web.

Silvia Facho, the head of the Economic Council and a member of the legislative body of the country, believes that the adopted draft contributes to the abolition of the introduction of this taxation on the activities of bettors, which took place in the legislative draft of the supreme power. The representative of the parliament also claims that this approach frees the gambling industry from discrimination against operators and players themselves who do not have permanent residence, taxing, on the contrary, foreign companies in this region of the American continent.

It is also reported that the authorities of the Peruvian state want to start introducing a certain system of violations, and they can be punished with various measures. For example, a simple warning, a fine, or, in the worst-case scenario, the rapid withdrawal of this license. That is, this step warns us that all companies that want to purchase an appropriate document for gambling on the Internet must first receive a personal certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Trade of this country. Then agree not to place special infrastructure next to educational and religious institutions.

The information material also suggests that this Ministry, according to the new legal system, can change access to domains or computer applications that have not passed the appropriate certification. This state of affairs, according to many congressmen and legal experts, should prevent operators in this field who do not have a license to work from using privileges in casino games and other games on the Internet.

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