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KYC Report on Gambling in Europe

  • European Gambling Association can receive 130 billion euros from 2021 to 2026
  • many experts believe that it is important to comply with the rules established by AML
  • the system may ask users for additional documents for full identification

Recently, the publication of detailed KYC reports in the field of gambling has appeared, which have gained great popularity and support from people from all over the world, including in the USA and European countries. This report refers to the recognition of casino games, etc. as a legitimate activity where there is no need to hide and hide anymore. There is also a question of putting things in order in this area and effectively fighting fraudsters.

The main focus is on the profit that the European Gambling Association can receive in a given period: from 2021 to 2026. This amount exceeds 130 billion euros. To achieve this, it is necessary to resolve several important factors that hinder the growth and development of the industry.

The source recorded problems related to the identification of a person, his data and other additional information, so that in the future it would be possible to have a complete database about this person. This approach allows you to identify fraudsters at the initial stage of registration, and prevent their penetration into the system.

The source also reports that it is very important to create special structures that could regulate the gaming sphere and, if necessary, take concrete measures to protect users and operators from attacks by scammers, etc. Thus, the chaos and disorder in the system will decrease, which will positively affect the profit and development of the industry.
Analyses were carried out of the created structures that should deal with such matters as monitoring active users, regulating processes within the gaming sphere and fully protecting all players and operators from all types of fraud and crime. Representative offices were established in the UK, Malta, etc.

The source clearly shows the European Association for Casino Games, Sports Betting and Other games that are in great demand among people, in particular from European countries. The purpose of this structure is to create national legislation in the field of games, which would have their own powers and privileges. But currently there is no such body, and even its analogues do not exist.

Many experts believe that if we want to see further growth and development of the gaming sphere, the creation of new gambling games and an increase in monetary rewards and bonuses, it is important to comply with the rules established by AML. Otherwise, various penalties may be imposed, including huge fines, restrictions on certain services, etc.

The list of AML requirements consists of basic rules that imply the protection and safety of all participants in the gaming sphere, including players and operators, as well as other involved users. This can be achieved in one way: to constantly monitor all the actions or steps of the players, their results and the strategies used. Thus, it is possible to identify suspicious people and impose certain sanctions on them.

Operators and players should not be afraid to report suspicious players and their actions, because only by joint efforts can we get rid of crime and fraud in the industry.

Simon Vincze, a well-known specialist in casino games and an expert in the field of security and protection in the gaming field, once shared his opinion in a recent interview. The SumSub source highlighted the most important points that relate directly to the expectations of players from the gameplay and the realities of the CUS, as well as the main actions of operators in this matter.

“Many users are very happy that their funds are quickly and without any restrictions coming to the game deposit. But they are dissatisfied with the fact that if they want to withdraw these funds, they have to wait for some time. They don’t understand that this process requires additional verification. That is, in order to withdraw the money won, the KYC system must perform several specific programmed actions. These steps are provided only for defensive purposes, there is no deception here.”

The system may ask users for additional documents for full identification. This process can take some time, and players treat it with disdain and anxiety. They are afraid that they may be deceived, etc. However, this is all done, on the contrary, in order to protect all users of the gaming sphere from scammers and cheaters.

The source says that there is a way to improve the security of accounts and make identity verification easier and faster by dividing them into levels of varying complexity. For this process, not only documents can be used, but also other parameters that will show the accuracy and reliability of the entered information. This approach will make it easier for operators and players to work, and make protection more successful and effective.

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