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After losing a large sum at cards, a resident of India decided to kill himself.

  • the amount Indian citizen had to return was $45,788
  • The lifeless body of a man was found last Friday
  • India needs to think about its gambling sphere

Indian citizen P Prabhu of Vigneshwara Nagar was so addicted to gambling that at the age of 39 he made the craziest step. He was an MNC employee in his city of Chennai, India, receiving a monthly salary of $1,300. At the same time, the amount he had to return was INT 3.5 million ($45,788).

How a person violates the limits of reason

But having lost his job, Prabhu became addicted to illegal gambling on the Internet, as well as alcoholism. This player’s debts were getting bigger and bigger. At the first stage, the debt was about INR 2 million ($26,164), then, having issued a credit card, Prabhu lost INR1.5 million ($19,623) more. The lifeless body of a man was found last Friday by his wife after returning home. It became clear exactly which gaming sites the gamer visited after a while.

The fact that gamblers can kill themselves as a result of losing was not widely known. Different tools for managing the gambling industry in India are used only in three of its states. Those who live in other states and are addicted to gambling, play online, despite possible «pitfalls».

Suicides associated with violations of the functioning of the gambling sphere are also possible in those countries where this sphere is subject to strict control. Deaths related to this area are known quite well, for example, in Australia and in the UK, but these events are rarely discussed. At the same time, it can be seen quite clearly that these suicides are related to the gaming sphere.

Most of these cases can be observed in those types of games where stricter regulation is needed. For example, such measures are being taken in the UK for the fixed-odds betting terminal (FOBTs). Previously, extremely high bets could be placed on one spin. However, since this type of gambling could lead to addiction and suicide, now the bet per spin should not exceed 2£ per bet.

India needs to think about its gambling sphere

At the same time, India doesn’t have as much knowledge and practice in the field of gambling as the United Kingdom. Therefore, this sphere practically does not work officially in India. As a consequence, it is impossible to resist Prabhu and his like before such a temptation. In connection with the COVID-19 virus, this picture looks even more tragic.

Nevertheless, in India, you can see some positive changes, for example, the idea of legalizing and regulating this sphere in the state of Meghalaya. The more responsibility the country’s authorities will show to the gambling sphere, the fewer Indian citizens will commit suicide due to participation in illegal gambling.

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