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Ten places of maximum earnings in the US for casino dealers

  • working in casinos can be considered as one of the most profitable
  • the income of different dealers can be from $17,000 to $71,000
  • dealer specialization can be obtained after training

One of the main criteria that is crucial for those who are looking for a job is salary. In this aspect, working in casinos and similar places can be considered as one of the most profitable. According to data from Las Vegas, the gross gambling income for 2021 in this city amounted to over $7 billion. In addition, due to the fact that gambling is recognized as legal in the vast territory of the United States, many applicants are interested in working in casinos.

As you know, different US states have different salaries, including in the gaming sphere. According to data for 2020, the first line in terms of earnings is occupied by casino dealers from Washington, New York is in second place, followed by South Dakota.

The way to become a dealer

The stable part of the salary for a dealer in the field of gambling is low, as well as for many other employees. But the dealer manages to increase the amount thanks to the tips that the players leave. You can get different amounts in different states and different casinos.

In Las Vegas, the average dealer’s income is approximately $35,000 per year. Based on the working conditions, depending on the dealers themselves and their qualifications, the income of different dealers can be from $17,000 to $71,000. San Francisco is the city with the highest income level for dealers, here they earn up to $126,000 a year.

Wherever, in whatever city the dealer works, he must invariably fulfill his duties to conduct the game, as well as observe the game to exclude the possibility of players committing a crime.

How to become a casino dealer? This specialization can be obtained after training, which tells about the rules of different games, about important features in the dealer’s work, about state and local laws and regulations that must be observed, about how to catch cheaters and other scammers. In some states, in order to be hired at a casino, a dealer must present a license for this activity. To become one of the best, the dealer must not only be friendly, but also be able to quickly carry out mathematical operations in his mind.

Maximum salary of a casino dealer

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics on the salary of casino dealers in 33 states, the states with the highest earnings can be listed:

  1. Washington — mean wage $20.48 per hour, daily tips can reach $200.
  2. New York — mean wage $17.12 per hour, daily tips $200.
  3. South Dakota — $14.91 per hour (daily tips are unknown).
  4. Colorado — $14.70 per hour
  5. California — $14.51 per hour
  6. Arizona — $14 per hour
  7. North Dakota — $13.18 per hour
  8. Idaho — $13 per hour
  9. Michigan -$13 per hour
  10. Georgia — $12.80 per hour

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