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Onisac Ltd lost Gibraltar’s Gambling Division $1.13 million

  • Onisak was fined £850,000
  • they did not comply with anti-money laundering requirements
  • Onisac promised to comply with regulations more responsibly

According to the result of the audit conducted by the Gibraltar Gambling Division at Onisac Ltd, the casino operator and the administrator of gambling sites was fined £850,000 (S$ 1.13 million). Settlement was a consequence of troubles caused by possible money frauds. Having received this amount, the client agrees not to make claims.

The anti-money laundering regulator has set higher standards.

Casino brands such as Mansion Group, and, have licenses of the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Department. They some online gaming operators and are managed by Onisac Ltd. Moreover, in the middle of autumn 2021 Mansion Group announced that brand began to operate in Spain as Mansion Casino. There were problems with some Onisac customers who were neither British nor EU citizens. At the same time, the Government of Gibraltar paid special attention to compliance with anti-money laundering requirements, but they did not meet it. On similar violations in this area, the Gambling Department conducted consultations for operators of this area.

But the reaction of subsidiary’s staff to the recommendations was not reasonable. The actions indicated by the Gambling Division were not carried out, the situation worsened. Onisac’s internal control was not at the proper level, the company agreed with this. The Gambling Division found it out by performing an assessment of the company’s work.

Promises of the management

Onisac came to an agreement with the Gambling Division when representatives of the regulator visited the company again. The new managers pledged to improve their work on combating money laundering, to fulfill the regulations more responsibly. The company also accepted the need for additional actions: increasing social responsibility, conducting audits, increasing the duration of monitoring. The fine will be transferred to the Gibraltar Consolidated Fund. It includes payment for the cost of expert services and time, as well as additional costs.

As emphasized in the Gambling Division, as this area has grown, the intensity of the audit has increased, visits by analysts to different places have become more frequent. The results of the inspections are encouraging. In 2020, the total amount recovered from gambling operators who did not work according to AML standards amounted to 2.5 million pounds ($3.33 million)

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