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The Vietnam pilot program for locals is likely to be expanded.

  • COVID-19 interrupted research program in Vietnam
  • only one of the two casinos participated in the study
  • The number of research sites is likely to be increased

The program introduced in Vietnam to find out the degree of responsibility of local casino players may be extended. It was planned to close this program in 2021, but apparently it will be completed in 2024.

A few years ago, Vietnam launched a pilot project to determine the resistance of Vietnamese to drugs against the background of gambling in casinos. The program was approved in 2017, launched in 2019, and should be completed in 2021.

But the data turned out to be insufficient; the reason is the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, according to the statements of the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam, the deadline for the completion of the program will be reposted to 2024. It was reported by the publication VietNamNet Global.

It’s too early to announce the results

Two objects were selected for the research, but this process is not intensive. One of these objects is the Corona Resort and Casino in Fukuoka. Having opened it in 2019, the owners closed it due to COVID-19. At the end of September, 204,560 people visited there. There were 65 Vietnamese for every 100 visitors.

Elsewhere, in the Wan Dong Economic Zone, Quang Ninh Province, the casino is still not working, so the study was not conducted.

The authorities decided that these two casinos were best suited for the pilot program, despite the fact that it was possible to conduct research in others. In 2019, it was already possible to start work in Vandon.

There has been a significant slowdown in economic development in Vietnam, as domestic and international tourism is extremely scarce. Therefore, since there is currently no access to both sites, an objective assessment of the pilot gambling program is not possible.

Increasing the number of casinos being investigated

According to the Ministry of Finance, the expansion of the plan by adding sites is a justified measure. Two more possible sites are indicated, thanks to this, the data obtained could be combined in different ways.

One of the sites is a hotel on the island of Hong Tre, Nachang. It is under the patronage of Vinpearl, which owns many hotels throughout Vietnam. This hotel is not only a good object of research in the program, but also plays an important role for the economy.

In the form of investments in its infrastructure, the hotel received USS 1.12 billion from Vinpearl, a subsidiary of Vingroup. But he continues to experience the impact of the pandemic on his work. By becoming a participant in the pilot program, he would have received the investments he needs now.

Another possible location is Sun World Ba Na Hill in Da Nang. This area is interesting to many tourists, although there are no casinos here. It would be possible to attract even more tourists with the help of a large casino.

Another region also decided to participate in the program. The application was submitted by Binh Tuan in the Dai Duong Valley. But this application was rejected by the Ministry of Finance. The reason was the lack of international tourism in the area.

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