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Licensing of the San Manuel Indian missionary community

Nevada Gambling control licenses new las vegas casino
    Nevada Gambling control licenses new las vegas casino
  • First Native American casino owner will get the license
  • The are planning to buy Palms Casino Resort
  • The tribe plans to spend 100$ million

On Wednesday, the Nevada Gambling Control Board decided to approve the licensing of the San Manuel Indian missionary community. The group is seeking to acquire a gated resort outside the Strip, the only thing that gets in the way is the license. A hearing on the recommended Nevada Gambling Commission will take place on December 16.

First Native American casino owner and operator in Las Vegas

If the commission approves the case later this month, it will be the first time a Native American tribe owns and operates such a site in Sin City. The group hopes that the case will be approved, and they will be able to start expanding their services in wide areas. According to the news, Latisha Kasas, chairman of the gambling business and the group, spoke with the board. She stated:
«We know that Las Vegas has been and always will be the center of gaming and entertainment in North America. And we are honored to join his community and his legacy and contribute to his development. Gambling Control Council member Phil Katsaros called the decision a historic one, congratulated the tribe on the great success, and wished a bright future».

Acquisition of Palms Casino Resort

A group of San Manuel Indian missionaries is planning to acquire a site called the Palms Casino Resort, located on the Strip. Back in May, it was announced that Red Rock Resorts Incorporated had agreed to sell the casino to San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority, a subsidiary of the tribe. The tribe will reportedly pay roughly $650 million, which is several times what Red Rock paid in 2016, namely $300 million. The casino closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic, and Red Rock thought not to reopen until things returned to their previous level.

The Tribe will use Palms as the next step in its long-term diversification strategy. They believe that property can be the foundation of the well-being of generations of members of their tribe. The tribe hopes the casino will reopen next year as Red Rock has refurbished and refreshed the casino. The tribe plans to spend 100 million of the set-aside money to clean up everything before opening.

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