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Cryptogames introduces the Solana

CryptoGames adds Solana
    CryptoGames adds Solana
  • CryptoGames will add Solana as a deposit and withdrawal method
  • It is safe and can be used in any of their games

The growing demand and interest in the cryptocurrency market has significantly influenced the online gambling industry.
Despite the trend of using cryptocurrencies for their ease of use, one should not forget about the weaknesses.
Online casinos must always follow the trends, keep up with the digital world updates, in order to guarantee the safety of their players and a high quality of service.
An example is CryptoGames, which will soon be the first online casino to introduce the Solana cryptocurrency on its portal as a deposit and withdrawal method. This is the 10th cryptocurrency in the account, and will soon become available to CryptoGames players.

Solana was created by Anatoly Yakovenko, Greg Fitzgerald and Eric Williams in 2017.
The team has joined forces to create a futuristic blockchain that will satisfy all user needs. Than ordinary Solana you ask, so this is their PoH technology, which can process up to 50,000 transactions per second, as you say, I pay a million, now you can pay up to 0.00005 cents — this is one of the lowest rates on the market presently!

CryptoGames offers 9 games, Solana can be used in each. The minimum deposit is set at 0.001 solana. Deposits for slot machines start from 0.0025 SOL, for blackjack / roulettes — from 0.0025 SOL to 28,000,000 SOL. This makes CryptoGames the first company in the online gaming industry to offer its players the best experience in crypto history.

Solana is nicknamed the «Destroyer of ETHERIUM». This innovative technology makes online gambling simple, safe, yet fast and sustainable.

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